Hisense - V Series Reverse Cycle A/C

Hisense - V Series Reverse Cycle A/C

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The Hisense V Series Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner offers not only heating and cooling functions but also advanced HI-NANO Technology. This innovative feature effectively eliminates airborne bacteria and restricts the spread of pollutants, such as allergens, moulds, pollens, odours, and more. Breathe easy knowing that the air you're enjoying is not only at the optimum temperature but also fresh and clean.

Experience seamless control with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to operate the Hisense V Series from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, the Voice Control Technology and Google Home compatibility enable you to conveniently use verbal commands to set modes, adjust temperatures, and more.

The Hisense V Series stands out with its 360° full DC inverter technology, inner air duct, and advanced louver fin design. This combination results in significantly lower energy consumption compared to other air conditioners. Enjoy faster cooling and heating rates while also reducing energy costs.


Depth: 934mm | Height: 270mm | Width: 210mm


Approx | 30kg

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