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Express Portables restrooms and toilet pods have gained immense popularity throughout Australia. Proving extremely popular within construction sites, festivals, events, and in homes during renovations. Offer a convenient and comfortable restroom experience in temporary settings. Read more

Equipped with essential amenities such as toilets, sinks, and hand sanitizers, they cater to the diverse needs of users in various environments. Their portability and ease of setup make them an ideal choice where traditional restroom facilities may be limited or inaccessible. With their robust construction and hygienic features, portable restrooms and toilet pods ensure that individuals have access to proper sanitation regardless of their location. We have also offer a range of accessible toilets & bathrooms for those who need additionally assistance when attending the bathroom.

From providing convenience to workers on construction sites to offering comfort to attendees at festivals and events, these portable solutions are in high demand across Australia for their practicality and ability to meet temporary restroom needs. 

If you need more than a portable bathroom, we also offer expandable homes with built in ensuites which are a very popular choice for worker accommodation in remote area's.

High-Quality Shower & Toilet Blocks

Our portable shower and toilet provides a practical and space-saving solution for those looking to maximise functionality in their bathroom. These innovative fixtures combine the convenience of a toilet and a shower in a portable unit, eliminating the need for separate installations. With a shower toilet combo, individuals can enjoy the benefits of a refreshing shower experience while also having access to a toilet within the same space.

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