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Portable cabins equipped with a sink, cabinets, and a bathroom featuring a toilet and shower are the ultimate solution for various needs, whether it be for remote locations, offices, or a self-contained bedroom. Read more

These portable units offer the convenience of having essential amenities in a compact and transportable space. With a sink and cabinets, users can easily store and access daily necessities, while the inclusion of a bathroom ensures privacy and comfort. The presence of a toilet and shower allows for complete functionality, making these cabins suitable for extended stays or even as standalone living spaces. We also have an open plan option in the 'Express' as it is an open plan portable block that allows you to customise it to your own liking. For those looking a more modern and personal space we have a range of portable pods & offices.

Relocatable Cabins For Remote Sites

For those looking to create and customise their own space we do have open floor plans which include; insulation, lighting, heating, soundproofing and ventilation options. Allowing you to design the interior layout of the accommodation block to your own liking, whether it be an art studio, music room, guest accommodation or work studio.

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