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Explore our range of portable pods & offices. These innovative and versatile pods provide a convenient and flexible solution for various needs. Whether it's for office space, temporary accommodation or your vey own personal space. Available in 3m, 4m & 6m options. Read more

Our office pods are an extremely popular choice for those seeking a dedicated workspace within the comfort of their own property. Our compact and versatile pods can be installed in the backyard, providing a separate and private area to focus on work without the distractions of being inside the main house. With features such as insulation, lighting, soundproofing, heating and ventilation options, a home office pod offers a comfortable and productive environment all year-round. We also offer versatile designs that include a bed and bathroom within the same structure. This unique feature allows you to not only work comfortably but also provides the flexibility to use the pod as extra accommodation. Whether you need a space for guests, a temporary living arrangement, or simply want the convenience of staying within your home office. For a slightly bigger option we do offer portable cabins which can be used as site offices, lunch rooms and accommodation options.

Open Plan Portable Rooms & Garden Pods

For those looking to create and customise their own space we do have open floor plans which include; insulation, lighting, heating, soundproofing and ventilation options. Allowing you to design the interior layout of the portable pod to your own liking, whether it be an art studio, music room, guest accommodation or work studio.

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