Spacious Toilet

Spacious Toilet

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The Spacious Toilet is a portable toilet unit that can be relocated from site to site or installed as a permanent fixture.

The additional vacant internal floor area (where the shower would normally be installed) is suited for many uses including - cabinetry, washing machine, laundry tub, baby change table, change room storage, lockers. 

The plumbing is complete on the interior so can be easily connected to water, power, and sewer making installation easy and efficient. Alternatively, it can also be installed as a stand-alone unit for remote locations with a waste tank system.


Length: 2.25m | Width: 2.1m | Height: 2.37m


Approx | 600kg

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Key Features

Vanity Basin

The interior of this portable pod boasts a versatile open-plan floor space. The design promotes a seamless and unobstructed layout, allowing occupants to utilise the space creatively and tailor it to their specific needs.

Waste Connection

The waste connection in the portable restroom links up with mains waste systems, making waste disposal efficient. Allowing the bathroom to connect easily to existing infrastructures.

Mirror & Cabinetry

The mirror comes with built-in cabinetry allowing for additional storage space. An ideal storage unit for for toiletries and other essentials while using the bathroom

Electrical Connection

Featuring a 15-amp socket, allowing it to connect easily to the mains power supply. This feature ensures convenient access to electricity, enabling the bathroom to function.