Original Accessible Toilet & Ramp

Original Accessible Toilet & Ramp

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Made with a strong structural steel frame and 50mm EPS panels. The accessible toilet comes with handrails, a ramp, and a backrest. Designed for those who need a bit of help when attending the toilet.


The Original Accessible Toilet & Ramp will assist with wheelchair, disability or those requiring extra assistance. The painted steel ramp and handrail is included which has an incline of 10 degrees leading to a lockable door opening of 1000mm wide (suitable for wheelchairs). For a more spacious option the ultimate accessible toilet offers additional room for manoeuvring.

Inside the room is a standard porcelain toilet with removable grab rails, porcelain vanity sink with mixer tap, LED lighting, floor waste, exhaust fan and awning window.

The exterior water supply connection is 1/2" female inlet for cold water, flexible sewer waste connection point, 32mm grey water outlet and 240v electrical connection (caravan style) to power the portable.

*Please note: this design is not a AS1428 compliant bathroom/toilet*


Length: 1.3m | Width: 2.16m | Height: 2.36m


Approx | 500kg

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Key Features

Access Ramp

The access ramp is manufactured from stainless steel and has been designed to help individuals with mobility challenges. Users can rely on the handrails for added balance and security, promoting a safe and accessible experience.

Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan effectively removes odors and ensures proper ventilation within the confined space by continuously circulating air.

Forklift Pockets

The inclusion of forklift pockets on the ramp of the portable toilet enhances its mobility and ease of transport.

Floor & Electrical Plans