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For those looking for a unique living experience that is both affordable and convenient. With its easy setup and ability to be transported, the 20ft portable home is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a unique living space. Read more

20ft container homes are another popular option for those looking for compact and portable housing solutions. Despite their smaller size compared to 40ft expandable container homes, they still offer ample room for creating functional and comfortable living areas. The 20ft length allows for the inclusion of essential amenities such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. The smaller footprint of 20ft expander makes them suitable for various applications, from tiny homes to weekend getaways or temporary accommodations. Their modular design and portability make them easy to transport and install, providing flexibility for those who desire a compact and efficient living solution.

36m² Expandable Homes

Designed to expand from a compact and transportable size to a larger living area, providing flexibility and convenience. With a starting size of approximately 36 square meters (or 387 square feet), these homes can be easily expanded to create additional rooms or living areas. Whether it's for residential purposes, temporary accommodations, or commercial use, 36m² fold-out homes provide a practical and efficient solution for creating a comfortable and spacious living environment.

Versatile Floor Plan Options 

We offer a diverse selection of floor plans for our 20ft prefabricated homes, catering to various needs and preferences. Our options include one-bedroom designs, perfect for individuals or couples seeking a cosy and efficient living space. For those who require additional space, we offer two-bedroom layouts, providing a separate sleeping area for guests or a home office. Families or roommates can choose from our three or four-bedroom options, offering ample space for everyone

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